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A.R. Plante's Products

Wholesale Natural Mulches, Loam, and Compost

Our mulch products are fine-blended softwoods & hardwoods with a pleasing backwoods fragrance. Each is finely textured and triple-ground for consistent appearance and efficient application. 


Our most popular color-enhanced mulch that provides an intense contrast to brightly colored flowers and buildings.


This color-enhanced brown mulch looks like a natural mulch and provides a longer-lasting appearance with a bit more resistance to sun bleaching that can affect a natural-only mulch.


An economical natural alternative to our color-enhanced mulches that is a perfect product for use with mulch blowers. 

Organic Soils & Compost

1/2" Premium Screened Loam | 1/2" Planting Mixed Blend | 1/2" Premium Screened Compost (leaves/grass) 

We NEVER use recycled industrial wood or wood pallets.

We welcome dealers, garden centers, resellers and contractors to our yard located in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

We welcome landscape supply yards, garden centers, and contractors to our yard located in West Bridgewater, MA.

  • Our Customers include Landscape Supply Yards, Garden Centers, and Contractors. 
  • Pricing Available: Wholesale Bulk Delivery, Wholesale Bulk Pickup, and Retail Pickup
  • We use the latest volumetric infrared measurement technology that eliminates the uncertainty of assumed volume. Loads are scanned with LoadScan accuracy of +/- 1% and you are invoiced for the amount loaded.
  • Delivery Fees are determined by time & distance from our facility and subject to changes during the season depending upon fuel prices and other factors.

Wholesale C.O.D. Payment Terms:   

-Cash, Business Check, Bank Wire Transfer, Visa/Mastercard/Discover accepted.

-Published wholesale pricing includes a cash discount for payment made at time of purchase with cash/check/transfer.

-Wholesale purchases using Credit Cards do not receive the cash discount pricing.

-Net Accounts subject to Credit Application and Review.  Final Pricing Determined on Review and Terms Requested.

Pricing and terms subject to change without notice.


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